Risk Management Consultants, LLC
      Practice Risk Management Services for Orthodontists.


Our Practice

Risk Management Consultants, LLC (RMC) is the premier consultancy regarding risk management and the legal aspects of orthodontic practice in the United States. For more than 20 years, RMC through its managing principal, Dr. Donald E. Machen, has provided valuable advice in a confidential manner to hundreds of orthodontists. His valuable counsel derives from his extensive skill, education and experience as a practicing board-certified orthodontist, former trial lawyer defending doctors and as a trial court judge.

Specifically, through extensive publications including several books, journal articles, educational seminars and consulting, Dr. Machen analyzes the current state of each orthodontic practice, prepares recommendations for eliminating professional negligence malpractice lawsuits, optimizing patient care and increasing referrals. This is accomplished principally by the use of the Risk Management Audit which Dr. Machen used in over 200 orthodontic practices.

There are three forms of the Risk Management Audit:
1.The Professionally-Prepared Machen Risk Management Self Audit Kit
2.The Off-Site Risk Management Audit
3.The On-Site Risk Management Audit

Dr. Machen also consults with healthcare practitioners worldwide on matters of personal, business and investment risk.

Contact RMC to discuss your needs and the various options available. You owe it to yourself, your staff and your family. Having a stress-free orthodontic practice is well-worth the investment, especially when you consider the other benefits derived from the audit which include increased referrals, optimal patient care and eliminating lawsuits.
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